Listen to all because you will discover many things.... that you would otherwise not know,
and this will help you make the right decision

So, whenever you can you should always take a 2nd Opinion

Whenever you fall sick you normally visit a doctor who advises some tests and prescribes medicines.
Before you carry out the tests and buy the medicines it is always advisable to take a second opinion of another doctor.
Doctors are not infallible and they can mistakes in diagnosis.
Nearly 100,000 Americans die each year due to diagnostic errors-Agency for Health Care Research and Quality- REDMOND,Washington, Jan.21 2004.
A wrong diagnosis will not cure your disease but the tests advised and medicines prescibed would not only be costly but could cause harmful side effects and aggravate your situation.
You can save money and, perhaps, your life by taking the 2nd opinion of a computer programme that can accurately diagnose about 80 diseases without costly tests. For more information visit Computer Clinic

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